Super Timer Ultra


Boost your sales by creating marketing campaigns with urgency through dynamic, integrated countown timers that create limited-time offers that are automatically set for each individual customer.


Super Timer Ultra is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use authentic, unbreakable scarcity via limited-time offers that are completely customized for each email subscriber. This gives you a way to give individual people special offers that truly expire, and it all happens automatically on auto-pilot. Super Timer Ultra enables you to run “evergreen” campaigns, meaning, they run automatically on their own all of the time.

Why We Made It

Why do you need scarcity?

Humans are incredibly talented at procrastinating. Even if you have the best product known to mankind, unless a potential customer is desperate for what you are selling right now, they are likely to find your product, get excited about it, but then put off the decision to purchase until later.

And guess what? Later never comes.

That is why scarcity is so powerful. With limited-time offers, it forces potential customers to make a decision about whether or not they want to get your product. And when they must make a decision, many will say yes. Using this tactic can make sales skyrocket.

Why do you need automated, evergreen scarcity?

The magic of marketing on the internet is that you can reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of people.

However, most of these people will discover you at different times, and the best time to make them a really good offer is shortly after they discover you and get to know you and get excited about you (you can develop an automatic relationship with potential customers using a pre-built email follow-up sequence).

If you only make a really good offer a few times each year, many people will forget about you, cease to care, or purchase from a competitor instead by then.

Most businesses just have great sales on occasion (think Black Friday or a Labor Day sale), and this causes them to miss out on so many sales from people who have already moved on.

But Super Timer Ultra allows you to make automated-evergreen scarcity… it works every single day of the year, no matter when people find you!

For instance, after people discover you for the first time and sign up for your email list, you can make them an amazing, one-time offer that expires within 3 days!

Super Timer Ultra fully expires offers (if a potential customer misses out, they can’t get the offer back, which trains them to not miss out next time).

Many people might put countdown timers on their website but they are completely fake. They’re there just to make it “seem” like there is a limited-time offer. But once the countdown timer expires, it resets. This isn’t fair to the consumer and it breaks trust.

Super Timer Ultra is different. Super Timer Ultra gives marketers an easy way to create authentic scarcity and limited-time-offers that actually expire when they say they expire!

And it’s super simple to set up on your website and use!

What Makes It The Best Option?

There are three main problems with competing products:

#1, Most are very “breakable.” Meaning, customers can get around them very easily. This illegitimizes your offers, it trains customers not to trust you, and it defeats the whole point of scarcity (which is to fight procrastination), because if a customer can still get the offer later, then why make a decision right now?

Super Timer Ultra creates real scarcity that customers can’t break, which means that customers will trust your promotions.

#2, Any of the good ones are expensive. The most popular solution for this is Deadline Funnel, which costs $49/mo for 3 offers/timers and $99/mo for unlimited offers/timers.

Super Timer Ultra is just $29/mo and gives you unlimited offers/timers.

#3, Evergreen offer software is complicated. Many people who get overwhelmed by tech hate setting these up because there are so many different parameters you have to set up and different platforms that you need to connect.

With Super Timer Ultra, it’s simple. Just upload the plugin to your website, add your timer to an offer page, connect it to your email service provider, and insert your custom links into your email campaigns. While there are a few steps, we designed Super Timer Ultra to be the easiest solution on the market for authentic evergreen scarcity campaigns.


Use timers on any website page to expire special offers

Automatically redirect a user to a new page after expiration

Light mode and dark mode timer options

Reset timers for all users if you ever want to re-open an offer

Unlimited campaigns and timers available

Lock offers to individual users on a one-time-only basis so that no one from the outside can get access

Product Delivery

Upon payment, our team will manually add the product to your account and reach out to you within 2-3 business days. Once they do this, you will have ongoing access to Super Timer Ultra for the duration of your subscription.


Super Timer Ultra is compatible with WordPress websites.

It works with GetResponse for email automation.

*Note, this product is specifically designed for use with WordPress and GetResponse. You will not be able to use Super Timer Ultra without these.