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We create tools and training to simplify marketing and help you develop new skills, grow your following, and increase your revenue.

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If you have a message, product, idea, (or anything, really) that you want to get out to the world, we have the resources and training to make it happen!

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What Do You Want To Learn?

Email Marketing

Email is the most effective way for you to create a relationship with existing and potential customers. You always want to be collecting email addresses, building your list, offering great content and offers, and using email to drive sales. And the best part is, you can automate emails using something called an “Autoresponder”!

Web Design

Your website is your “central hub” on the internet. You can fully control the content and the user experience, and it’s where you can showcase your brand. Most people think that a website is all about the front-end pages that you see, but pro marketers use dozens of back-end pages too that are only for special campaigns!

SEO (Content Marketing)

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is simply the art of helping people on the internet find you via search engines (Google, Bing, YouTube, and other directories). Search engines don’t reveal their algorithms for choosing top search results, but marketers have run countless experiments to find the best strategies.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising (Meta/Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) can be the fastest and most effective way to get targeted paying customers. You can reach 1 million people by tomorrow and turn $1 into $2 over and over again. But you can also lose that $1 very easily if you aren’t intentional about optimizing for ROI.

Sales & Ecommerce

This is where you actually make money. All of your marketing roads ultimately lead here. You can’t grow your marketing without growing your marketing budget, and to do that you need cashflow, and to get that you need sales. But people won’t buy unless they are ready to, and that is where the rest of your marketing efforts become critical.

Social Media Growth

While social media is “free” (meaning it doesn’t require an upfront investment) it does take a lot of time and it isn’t easy! If it were, you would already have the following that you want. But many underdog creators and brands successfully build huge audiences on social platforms all the time with the right strategy, work ethic, and patience.

This just scratches the surface of digital marketing topics worth learning, but we make it easy!

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Behind The Brand

Hey! We’re Logan & Sarah!

We’re the faces behind MFNP! We are a husband and wife team. Logan started his marketing journey back in 2013. He released music in college, got a few sales, and… purchases dried up. So he took to Google to learn everything he possibly could about marketing online… and he got really good at it. After working in various industries, building startups, training thousands of marketers, and generating over $2.5 million in sales, Logan partnered with his wife, Sarah, to build Marketing For Normal People. She brought all kinds of amazing nerd powers to the team (data, research, integrations, etc.), and now they run MFNP together!

Now we help other people with great ideas get their dreams out into the world (profitably)!

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