The Skillset Accelerator


Learn almost anything you could possibly want to learn about business and marketing with this custom curated collection of training and courses from across the web, taught by some of the top experts in the industry.


The Skillset Accelerator is not just another online learning platform; it’s your personal guide to mastering the vast world of marketing and business. We’ve meticulously gathered the best courses, training videos, and tutorials from across the internet, adding our own commentary and insights along the way. Whether you’re looking to refine your email marketing skills, learn advanced sales tactics, or dive into Google Analytics, The Skillset Accelerator provides comprehensive, expert-curated learning paths on a variety of topics. It’s how you get good. Fast.

Why We Made It

We all have strengths and weaknesses. And the great thing about life is, with the right help and training, what was once a weakness can become a future strength.

The first time you tried to ride a bike, swim, or read… you were terrible at it. It was once a weakness. But thanks to training and practice, these are now some of your strengths.

What are some of your weaknesses?

Graphic Design? Coding? Copywriting? Video Editing? Public Speaking? Growing On Social Media? Time Management? Facebook Ads?

There are so many things that would really help your career or business! But it’s so hard to learn all of these things in a systematic way, let alone find experts who are worth learning from!

Let’s be honest, almost all of humanity’s best ideas are on the internet somewhere… but unfortunately a lot of the internet’s best content is buried deep in its corners.

That’s where the Skillset Accelerator comes in.

We’ve gone to those corners and overturned every digital stone that we could to find you the best training from across the internet.

We have some of the world’s best SEO experts, sales experts, finance experts, productivity experts, audio experts, automation experts, etc. etc. All in one single place. The Skillset Accelerator.

And you don’t just get to hear from other experts. You get to hear from me (Logan), as I have added my own commentary and ideas to many of the lessons and trainings.

The Skillset Accelerator is the key to never feeling overwhelmed about where to go or who to learn from in order to learn the exact business, marketing, and creative skills that will take your craft to the next level.

What Makes It The Best Option?

There are many ways to learn on the internet, but The Skillset Accelerator stands apart in 3 important ways:

#1, Ease Of Access: Google is far too overwhelming for most people when they want to dive deep into a topic. You need to try one article, then another, then another, and then another, and before you know it, you’re on page 7 and you still haven’t found quite what you’re looking for.

The Skillset Accelerator takes away the overwhelm and simplifies what you need to learn. You now have one single place where you can go to learn almost any marketing or business topic, all in an easy-to-navigate database.

#2, Vetted: Too many people will watch hours worth of YouTube videos, only to later be told by a pro that the person they learned from didn’t even know what they were talking about.

With The Skillset Accelerator, you are learning only from experts that we look at and evaluate ourselves. When you go through content in The Skillset Accelerator, you never have to wonder if what you are learning and who you are learning from is actually worth it.

#3, Up-To-Date: Many course creators never bother to update their videos and training. Even if you spend $2,000 on a course, it might be 5 years old by the time you purchase it, and it might be 8 years old by the time you go back to it!

We constantly and consistently update the Skillset Accelerator. With a few exceptions for timeless lessons, almost everything in the Skillset Accelerator is extremely up to date and modern, created within the past few years to few months.


Over 450 video lessons across more than 60 marketing and business disciplines!

Each lesson (including those from YouTube) has no video ads, so you never have to be interrupted in the middle of your content!

Commentary and insights from Logan to aid in your understanding of different topics and help put everything together

Watch lessons at any time on any device with an internet connection

Product Delivery

Upon payment, our team will manually add the product to your account and reach out to you within 2-3 business days. Once they do this, you will have ongoing access to The Skillset Accelerator for the duration of your subscription.