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A Step-By-Step, Click-By-Click Digital Marketing Masterclass For Musicians

Does It Feel Like Your Music Or Services Are Invisible Online? Discover How To Attract Customers, Automate Sales, and Dominate Your Digital Space!

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Join the “14 Day Challenge”. Complete the course in 14 days and we’ll cover the entire cost of the course for you!

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This is a very special offer for our course launch because we want as many people to get it and finish it as possible. This offer expires Thursday (Oct 19) at midnight central time.

People Have Asked Me For A Course Like This For Years…

…because most marketing courses A) don’t talk at all about the music industry specifically and B) only cover one specific part of marketing without teaching the most important overall marketing principles that apply to anything you’re doing online.

Hi, my name is Logan.

And I’ve talked enough on this page so far without properly introducing myself!

I’ve worked as the VP of Marketing since 2017. I rebuilt Full Circle Music’s Music Makers Bootcamp, I helped create and launch the company’s most successful course, Songwriting Mastery, I co-developed the Song Chasers community and app experience, and I have either led or overseen every single major marketing campaign at the company.

But before all of that, I got my start as an artist!

I worked super hard on an album in college, I was so excited to release it and… crickets.

Friends and family bought it, and maybe 3 other people who were kind enough to support me! But suddenly, the album was out, and it wasn’t selling or getting streams, and I realized that if I wanted to turn this around, I would need to figure out how to market this thing.

I was studying both music and marketing in college, but that didn’t show me what to do, so I studied on my own to crack the code. And within about a year, I had over 100,000 social media followers and my album (along with some other merch I sold) made me thousands of dollars, which changed my life as a college student!

I saw that there was a huge need for marketing skills in the industry, and that’s how I got connected to Seth, X, and the team!

Since that time in college, I’ve spent over half a million dollars on online ads, consulted with multiple major label artists, worked for dozens of clients at an agency, and orchestrated multiple 6-figure marketing campaigns.

Marketing is a vast industry, and I’m still studying and learning every single day (some of my friends might consider me slightly obsessed 😛).

And while there is a lot of great marketing content out there, most of it just isn’t accessible for us “normal people”, the kind of person I was back when I was first learning about this in college.

So, I started a side-hustle project with my wife called
Marketing For Normal People.

This course is our first ever major product release.

And I am so excited to share it with you, and I can’t wait to see the results from your first “conversion quest” (which I’ll show you how to make in the course!).

I designed this course from the ground up to be the single best starter digital marketing course on the internet.

Let me tell you a little bit more about what you get specifically with this course!

Rule The Internet Was Designed For…

Music Artists & Performers

Want to grow a fanbase, sell out shows, and find additional revenue streams for your music career? “Rule The Internet” will show you how to turn “outsiders” into fans and fans into excited customers (who keep coming back to get everything new you come out with!). It will help you not only get your music in front of new people, but it will make sure those new people never fogret about you.


Being a songwriter is all about connections (co-writers, publishers, sync placements, artists, etc.). If you want to be a professional, full-time songwriter, you have to stand out. Potential partners will look you up before they decide to work with you, and you want what they find to be great. Plus, “Rule The Internet” will show you how to open up all kinds of ways to make money from your musical abilities that you probably haven’t considered before.

Music Producers

You know how to make amazing tracks, but do you know how to keep customers coming through the door to pay you to work on those amazing tracks? “Rule The Internet” will help you create an online presence that pulls clients in like a magnet and also helps support your clients after you finish a project.

Music Instructors/Teachers

One of the most common ways to make money in music is via teaching. Teaching is a great full-time gig or a great side-hustle. But what if you could scale that teaching online instead of only relying on those who are in your local community? Millions of people are looking for help learning music skills, and this course can show you how to reach them and help them while also being very profitable.

The Course Begins Monday, Oct 23

What You Get When You Purchase

Module 1 – Releases Oct 23

Set Your Foundation 🏔️

In this module, I set you up with some basic marketing principles and teach about the concept of a “Conversion Quest”. A Conversion Quest is similar to what others call a “marketing funnel”, but the way I teach it is different, and for a very good reason! This Conversion Quest is the main project that we will complete in the course. It’s how you convert “outsiders” (people who have never heard of you before) into “winners” (paying customers who love your brand).

Module 2 – Releases Oct 23

Design Your Website 🖥️

We immediately jump in and focus on the ultimate hub for everything you will do online: your website. Whether you’ve always wanted a pro website or maybe you’ve thought it wouldn’t be worth the hassle, I promise… you’ll want to build one like I teach in the course. And the good news is, I’ll show you how to build something super professional that will take 1/4 of the work compared to most pro websites! Actually, I’ve already done most of the work for you and my wife and I developed some custom software to help you out! But more on that later…

Module 3 – Releases Oct 23

Start (And Grow) Your Email List 📨

Email is the most powerful channel for audience communication today. Think about it. When you go to a new website, do they show you a popup trying to get you to follow them on social media? No. They should you an offer to get your email address. Email is fantastic because, like your website, you get to control the experience. You have to write great subject lines and engaging emails, but you won’t be fighting any algorithms or ads popping up everywhere. And the best part about email is… you can fully automate it. This is one of the most magical parts of the Conversion Quest strategy. Set it up once, and we can build relationships (that will lead to sales) automatically over and over and over again while you sleep.

Module 4 – Releases Oct 30

Set Up Your Automated Sales System 💳

So, we have email developing relationships with new people all the time… the next thing to do is (politely) push customers to buy from you. You can do it confidently and with integrity and without feeling “sales-y”. Actually, right now, you’re experiencing part of this first-hand! You’re on my sales page for Rule The Internet, and what is my goal? To kindly encourage you to click that buy button. I created this sales page once, and now it can sell for me again and again, all the time! And trust me, you can (and should) build a sales page like this for any product that is central to your business. But there is so much more to it than just this page. You want to build a product library with a private user login on a membership site (even if you’re selling physical products!). You can stack offers on the back end. You can use urgency (some call it FOMO) to encourage people to make a decision, yes or no, instead of “well, maybe later”. And you want to make it easy for customers to buy your next product when you release it. This is the part of the formula that makes all the difference, because this is where all of the money is made.

Module 5 – Releases Nov 6

Marketing & Business Fundamentals 📋

Marketing is one of the most critical aspects of a successful business. Businesses can’t survive without it. With most of this course, I want you up and running and working on projects and learning marketing, but you can treat it like a “practice run”. Kind of like a school project, where you’re learning the skills. This is one thing that makes Rule The Internet very different from any other course out there. It teaches you the fun and exciting stuff on the front end so that you’re brainstorming along the way, and then, at this stage, we talk about product creation and niching down and validating your idea and expanding your business. Then, you can go back and tweak your Conversion Quest so that it is optimized to grow, sell, and scale like nothing else.

Module 6 – Releases Nov 6

What’s Next? 🚀

This course is meant to get anyone who wants to learn marketing off the ground running. It’s great whether you’re totally new or if you’re looking to sharpen your marketing skills with some of the latest strategies. And in this last module, I want to tell you how you can use these skills to do more than you might have expected. You’ll build a Conversion Quest, and once you master your first, you can build more for additional products or services or offers. I’ll also share ways you can use your new skills to make money in ways you may not have considered (including side hustles or other projects you could start). And we’ll also talk about setting expectations for your marketing campaigns. How do you track the data? How do you decide if something is working or not? When should you pivot or switch to something completely new? You’ll get your first Conversion Quest set up in a matter of days, but great marketing campaigns take time and testing, and I’ll show you exactly how to think about it long-term so that you don’t waste your time or money and instead, only focus on what works for your exact situation.

Rule The Internet is available for 3 days for…


Join the “14 Day Challenge”. Complete the course in 14 days and we’ll cover the entire cost of the course for you!

Or, pay $97 (75% off) for the course with no time limit.

This is a very special offer for our course launch because we want as many people to get it and finish it as possible. This offer expires Thursday (Oct 19) at midnight central time.

After completing “Rule The Internet”, you will have…

Full Control Of Your Own Marketing Data

A Pro Website Your Customers Will Love

Proven Systems To Grow Your Audience

A Fully Automated Sales & eCommerce Platform

The Ability To Design Campaigns In Minutes

Discounts On Professional Marketing Tools

New Skills That Apply To Almost Any Career

A Tested Pre-Market Validation Process

The “Back Door” Method To Increase Profits

Crystal Clear Brand Communication & Messaging

Ready To Get The Course & Master Internet Marketing?

Step 1

Join the 14 day challenge

Click the button on this page to join the 14 Day Challenge (which enables you to get the course for free!) Sign up only takes a few minutes and costs nothing.

Step 2

Go Through Each Lesson

Start going through each lesson right away and jump straight in to building your website! Then we’ll set up an email list and an automated sales system. The 14 Day Challenge gives you 14 days, but you can easily do it in just 2-3 days if you want!

Step 3

Launch Your New Campaigns

Whether you’re taking this course to learn a new skill, or if you already have a business that you’re looking to grow, launch your new “conversion quest” to watch your audience grow and see new sales roll in.

Join the 14-Day Challenge For A Limited Time

Bonus Offers!

These Bonuses Are Also Included Until October 19!

Bonus #1

The Email & Sales Templates

Get The Perfect Starting Point For Your Marketing Campaigns With Professional Pre-Made Templates.

Value: $197

Writers’ block is hard enough when you’re working on fun, creative projects. But marketing/business copy and be even more difficult! There’s so much pressure to say the right thing, keep everyone happy, and actually convince people to buy your products or check out what you have to offer!

So, to make everything easier, I’m including templates that I’ve designed to give you the perfect head start!

Words are what sell. Words are what convince people to take action. Ugly campaigns with great words usually outperform beautiful campaigns with weak words.

This is the skill of “business copywriting”, and it’s one of the top three reasons why marketing campaigns fail, especially for small businesses or individuals.

With this template collection, it’s like having me there to personally guide you through every concept and structure so that you have a solid foundation to work from every time you go to write a new campaign.

But don’t stop there! These templates are meant to be a starting point. Make them your own and give everything your own voice – that’s where the power of your own brand and your own story come in!

This collection of templates is available right now when you sign up for the Rule The Internet course.

Bonus #2

The Skillset Accelerator

Go Way Beyond The Course And Learn Dozens Of Additional Marketing And Business Skills.

Value: $297

“Rule The Interet” includes everything you could want to get you started in modern digital marketing. However, digital marketing is vast. Really vast. Webinars and PPC advertising and Podcasting and Sponsorships and YouTube and SEO and Project Management and CRMs and Customer Support and SMS Marketing and… the list goes on and on!

“Rule The Internet” couldn’t possibly cover every single apsect of marketing, it isn’t designed for that! Rule The Internet is more like a college class rather than a full college degree.

But, I wanted to make it easy for you to learn everything that you need. That’s why I created something called the Skillset Accelerator. I’ve personally curated some of the best content on the internet from some of the best experts in their fields.

The problem with learning on your own is that you never know if someone’s strategy or tactics are good or not. But with the Skillset Accelerator, I’ve curated everything (and even created some of my own mini courses) so that you can learn just about any digital marketing skill imaginable without searching the internet for hours to finally find the right resource.

The Skillset Accelerator is like Netflix, just for marketing content. I offer my own commentary on everything, and for content that is pulled from other sources (like YouTube), it’s all free of pre-roll ads! So you can watch everything in an easy-to-follow system AND without interruptions.

The Skillset Accelerator is part of a membership package, and you can get 6 months’ access completely free when you sign up for the Rule The Internet course!

Bonus #3

The Inside Track

6 Months Of Free Access To A Membership Packed With Digital Assets, Content, & WordPress Plugins

Value: $497

The Inside Track is a membership jam-packed with so much content… we’re just going to have to go through a bullet point list!

The Inside Track Includes:

  • An Example Library filled with marketing campaigns and examples (websites, emails, social media content, YouTube videos, sales pages, lead magnets, etc.) so that you have content to model for any digital marketing project
  • A collection of 8 (with more on the way) WordPress plugins to help you extend the functionality of WordPress even further! Some of these plugins add small improvements and some of them are complete game-changers for your website.
  • A Sound FX collection – use these sounds in your videos, podcasts, or other media (many of them will be instantly familiar!)
  • A graphics pack full of design assets (customizable via photoshop, pixelmator, or free online tools) that you can customize for sites, landing pages, presentations, products… you name it!
  • Monthly lessons and insights into what’s working right now in the digital marketing space!
  • A constantly growing collection of tools and resources from across the internet to help make sure you always have the best tools available for whatever marketing project you’re working on – it’s kind of like your own “mini Google” just for marketing resources!

The Inside Track is a monthly membership program loaded with content and assets that I desperately wish I had when I was starting out.

I designed much of this content myself for my own campaigns, and I realized that I could pass it along to others to use as well!

The Inside Track is a game-changing library and there’s no other collection online quite like it.

When you sign up for “Rule The Internet”, you get 6 months of access, completely free!

Bonus #4

The First Customer Offer

We’ll Be Your First Customer, Buy Your Product, And Give You Feedback On Your Conversion Quest

Value: $147

When you’re building new marketing & sales campaigns online, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of making your first sale.

We want to be that first sale for you.

Go through the course, set up your conversion quest, and we will be the first to buy your product.

We’ll be able to test out your conversion quest and make sure everything is working. This means we will go through your whole campaign to verify that you set everything up correctly. No other courses offer this.

This means we are checking your work, testing it, and offering feedback to every single person once you finish.

We’ll give you advice on a few key ideas that could make a big difference in how your campaigns perform.

Plus, when we purchase, you can keep the money (this will also help verify that your bank and payment details are working correctly). Note: each product will need to be set to $1 for the test.

After we purchase and offer some feedback, you will feel confident to open up your conversion quest to the world, and you’ll get to start with just a little bit of extra momentum, watching your first sale hit your bank account!

And There’s One More Bonus…


Value: $897

Web Blocks is custom-designed website creation software built on top of WordPress.

And when you sign up for “Rule The Internet”, you get Web Blocks FOR FREE.

Here’s the backstory…

When I started building this course, I was teaching everyone how to use WordPress along with a drag-and-drop builder (which makes designing your site completely visual).

As I started teaching, I ran into a problem…

WordPress was just too advanced to teach. WordPress is by far the #1 web builder on the entire internet. It’s free & open source, and because of its popularity, every major marketing tool integrates with WordPress before any other platform. WordPress is always at the top of the list! If you aren’t using WordPress, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to add some of the best marketing functionality to your site.

WordPress isn’t difficult if you’re used to pro-level software like Photoshop, Final Cut/Premier, Logic Pro/Pro Tools, etc. But for beginners, it was just too tricky to explain in a simple way.

So, my wife and I decided to take months and redesign WordPress ourselves.

Web Blocks is a couple of things.

– Web Blocks is a redesigned user interface that makes navigating WordPress 3 times as fast, without the clutter and overwhelm that even most professionals don’t need!

– Web Blocks is an “instant site” builder. Meaning, after literally just 3 clicks, Web Blocks automatically builds a full website for you, including all pages, menu navigation, etc. You can customize it to your heart’s content, but literally all you need to do is fill in text and images if that’s all you want to do.

– Web Blocks offers a brand new “Advanced Mode” that gives you full access to every single native WordPress feature (including manipulating the code), and you can access or hide any advanced setting that you want. This means your WordPress dashboard will only have the content that you actually use.

– Web Blocks includes simplified page templates that give you the perfect starting point for all of your primary web pages, including guides on what to say and what kind of content to put in various places. These templates are very simple (but they immediately look professional) so they are substantially easier to customize than most templates on competing platforms.

– Web Blocks is a preset styling system that allows you to set the styles for everything on your site (fonts, colors, buttons, shadows, you name it!). Web Blocks has one central page for controlling all of your presets, so that at any time, you can go to one simple place to immediately change the entire look and feel across your full site!

– And, probably most importantly Web Blocks is a Wireframe Builder that allows you to build all of your pages from a wireframe-first approach. These are the “blocks” that make up Web Blocks. Anywhere, on any page, you have immediate access to a huge collection of simple blocks that allow you to easily add almost any kind of content that you see on almost any professional website. You can “stack” these blocks on top of each other to generate a wireframe for your entire page in just a few minutes!

This wireframe-first model is crucial, because it allows you to build your site focusing on the content first rather than fancy design. Here me say: you can make your site endlessly fancy and do all kinds of animations and transitions and translations and mask effects and just about any design element you could possibly think of! But when you start building design first rather than content first, you’re making your site more difficult to build at the beginning. This is the huge problem with most website templates out there. They focus on “fancy design” rather than simple content, which makes them very tricky to quickly edit.

When you’re building a website, you want to focus on the words, images, stories, and simple layout. That’s what actually drives people to take the actions you want them to take on your website.

Most website builders get in your way.

Web Blocks gets out of the way.

This is why Web Blocks enables people to build marketing-focused websites about 6x as quickly on average compared to other options.

There is no other web builder out there like this that is created by digital marketers for digital marketers.

Web Blocks is the best way to create a marketing-focused, conversion-centered website.

There is nothing else like it on the market. Nothing allows you to build professional websites this quickly. Nothing streamlines WordPress even close to what Web Blocks is doing. Nothing offers a wireframing approach this intuitive. Nothing focuses on marketing principles as much as this software.

Web Blocks enables you to start simply and scale infinitely.

Fun Fact: This page you’re on right now was built with Web Blocks.

And Right Now, We Are Including Web Blocks For Free For Anyone Who Signs Up For The Rule The Internet Course.

Please note that while Web Blocks is free, it does require other software to run.

In the course, I’ll be hooking you up with discounts on some of the best marketing tools available. And I’m already recommending some of the most affordable tools compared to anyone else on the entire internet (especially when you factor in that you get something as great as Web Blocks for free!).

However, to set up your website and your entire conversion quest, please know that there are a few paid tools that you will need. They all include free trials or 30-day moneyback guarantees, so you can try them out with no risk.

I have done my very best to offer free tools and make everything as affordable as possible. The best part is, your website will be substantially cheaper than what competitors like SquareSpace or Wix offer for their base plans. (And what you’ll be getting is more comparable to their pro plans!)

If you buy a guitar course, you need a guitar, and if you buy a movie-making course, you need a nice camera, and if you buy a Photoshop course, you need to buy Photoshop! In the same way, you’re getting a marketing course, and you’ll need some marketing tools!

But the great news is, these are the kinds of tools that make money and build businesses. Plus, you can write them off on your taxes!

Without A Clear Path Forward In Marketing, It Can Feel Like…

…there is too much “noise” and all of the big names keep getting all of the attention, and it seems like everyone else is crowding you out.

…people aren’t taking you seriously enough because your music and your talent might be great, but your online presence just isn’t professional enough.

…you’re throwing money into a black hole, trying different tools, uncertain if any of your efforts will ever yield tangible results.

…your music will keep earning pennies from streams instead of the full-time income it deserves.

…you’re trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle of tech and campaigns, but there is always a feeling that something crucial is lacking.

…even when you do get new fans or followers, they never engage with you or purchase what you have to offer. It’s like the moment they discover you, they forget you exist.

My promise to you… this course will fix all of that.

Courses aren’t magical. Songs don’t write themselves, shows don’t book themselves, and music doesn’t sound amazing all on its own. Just like developing musical talent, you need to develop marketing talent. You need to develop a skillset, and you need to practice. The great news is, this course will immediately show you what to practice and how to practice it.

This will take work. But if you’re willing to do a little bit of work, I’m here to help you every step of the way, and I will save you years of learning on your own, figuring everything out by guessing and spending thousands on campaigns that don’t get the results you want.

Let me show you how to build data-tested campaigns that do get the results that you want.

Get The Course For FREE With
The 14-Day Challenge

Want the course for FREE?

Here’s how it works.

This week, we are launching Rule The Internet and Web Blocks for the very first time.

Most people, unfortunately, do not finish courses. They buy them, start them, but then leave them on the “digital shelf” unfinished.

I want to prove that thousands of people can go through this course and get results (so that I can promote this course to millions instead of thousands).

But in order to do that, I need people to complete the course.

So I am going to incentivize you, and I’m going to incentivize you hard.

This course will retail for $397 (and I’ll probably push the course up more from there later on to make it more comparable to the standard $997-$1997 price point of courses like this).

But instead, at launch, I’m going to give it to you for just $97 (over 75% off).

UNLESS, you complete something called the 14 Day Challenge.

With the 14 Day Challenge, I’ll let you sign up for the course at no cost, and if you complete modules 1-4 in 14 days and complete a working draft your first conversion quest (your website, your email list & automation system, and your sales sequence), then you can keep unlimited full access to the course, for free.

The 14 Day Challenge is not difficult. You can do the whole thing in a focused weekend. It will require approx 16-20 hours over a two week period. Set aside that time, do what I show you in the course, and change your life and your career.

If you set aside the time and if you follow what I show you in the course, it will be extremely easy to accomplish the 14 day challenge.

Those who do not set aside time and who don’t do what I show you in the course probably won’t complete it.

And, just in case you get tripped up, I even offer a way to get a free extension to have a little extra time to finish the challenge.

If you don’t complete the challenge, you’ll be charged $97 automatically (which is still 75% off). At that point, you can keep the course and finish it at your own pace, whenever you like.

But I want as many people to finish the course in 14 days as possible. It’s easy if you set aside the time.

And when you complete the challenge, you won’t pay anything, and you’ll get the full course for free.

If you would rather own the course permanently and just get the $97 discounted price up front, you can pay for the course directly right now instead of participating in the 14 day challenge.

The 14 Day Challenge and the discounted price are only available through October 19 at midnight central time. After that, the price increases to $397.

Sign Up Now. The Course Begins Monday, Oct 23.

Here’s What You Get:

The Full "Rule The Internet" Course

Over 50 video lessons across 6 modules, specifically designed to help you create marketing campaigns that grab attention, create raving fans, and sell for you on autopilot!

Music Industry Specific Content

This version of the course is meant for musicians, and includes additional content and training to apply these direct response marketing techniques directly to the industry. Grow your career and get your music and talents noticed, whether you are an artist, songwriter, producer, or instructor.

Tool Recommendations & Discounts

Get the best deals (including special discounts from this course) on the most affordable pro marketing tools out there. Learn the same software that fortune 500 companies use for their campaigns.

Web Blocks

Custom designed web building software that simplifies the WordPress interface, speeds up the time to launch a website, and gives you marketing-focused wireframe “blocks” to easily piece your website together. Approachable, fast, professional, and scalable.

4 Additional Bonuses

…worth over $1,100! Get the Skillset Accelerator & The Inside Track for 6 months for free, plus get feedback (and your first sale!) on your conversion quest project, and get a collection of templates and scripts so that you have the perfect foundation for all of your marketing campaigns.

Get The Course Now For FREE When You Join The 14 Day Challenge

Only available through October 19th
(expires at midnight central time)

Would you rather go at your own pace and purchase the course with full access instead of joining the 14 Day Challenge? Click Here to buy the course for $97 at the discounted rate instead.


Please note that just like a Photoshop course that will only work if you own or purchase Photoshop, and just like a guitar course that will only work if you own or purchase a guitar (and strings and an amp and picks and a case and accessories), this course requires professional tools (some of the same tools that many Fortune 500 companies use). Every tool used in the course either has a free trial or a money-back guarantee, so you can evaluate them for yourself before deciding to continue long-term or request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Comprehensive Is This Course?


This course has over 50 lessons teaching on a wide range of marketing topics.

Keep in mind that this is a course aimed at fundamentals, and specifically, you’ll be setting up 3 things.

  • A Marketing-Focused Website
  • An Automated Email List (to automatically create deep relationships with new visitors)
  • A Sales/eCommerce Membership Platform

There are lots of steps and strategies and techniques, and we’ll be covering a lot. But I also don’t want to overwhelm people with so much information that they never learn what really matters.

This course is especially designed for those who want to learn core direct-response marketing tactics.

It’s more comparable to a college class rather than an entire college degree.

This course won’t teach you everything. But it will teach you everything you need to know to launch marketing campaigns that actually consistently work.

What If I Already Have A Business?

Are you getting as many sales, customers, and awareness as you would like?

If you already have a business and you answered “no”, then this course will be perfect for you.

Some of it might be review, but I’m teaching from a very fresh, modern perspective.

I’ll give you some very specific strategies that you haven’t heard of before.

Plus, the fundamentals are the center of everything in marketing, and getting a new grasp on the fundamentals is one of the best ways to transform every marketing project you ever work on!

Plus, when you sign up, you also get WEB BLOCKS! Web Blocks is the dream web building tool no matter what kind of business you have.

I'm Completely New To Digital Marketing. Is This For Me?

100%. Yes. Absolutely.

Whether you’re starting fresh or you’re looking for a different career path, “Rule The Internet” is designed to be the perfect entry-point for beginners.

While this course is accessible to beginners, please know that this course does go deep. You’ll learn some very advanced strategies. But please know that I keep everything easy to comprehend, so that nothing ever goes over your head.

This course was designed to help completely normal people build very profitable marketing campaigns.

Will This Help Me Get A Marketing Job Or Clients?

This course will help you start your own business or grow a side hustle if you wish (and I strongly encourage that, because it is one of the best ways to learn).

However, I am also exceptionally passionate about helping people get jobs in the marketing field!

This course teaches you real-world skills that even college can’t teach you (since all of college is just a “simulation” and nothing is ever really on the line).

I do offer an expanded program specifically to help people get marketing jobs or client work. If you want a job in marketing, this course is hands-down the perfect place to start, and you’ll be able to add so much real experience and skillsets to your resume.

I would encourage supplemental learning along with this course (through the Skillset Accelerator, which is a bonus for this course, or through marketing podcasts, blogs, conferences, etc.).

So, while I don’t want to over-promise, please know that “Rule The Internet” is absolutely designed to help you get a job or your own marketing clients if that is your goal.

Do I Need To Purchase Other Tools Or Software?
In order to be successful with this course, you definitely want a modern computer (released within the last 6 years) with a modern operating system (the latest version of MacOS or Windows). I’ll teach everything on Mac, but you can easily follow along on Windows.

You will need to purchase a few software tools in order to have success with this course, specifically web hosting, a drag-and-drop builder, and ecommerce/membership software. I also encourage you to use a specific email marketing tool, but that is optional, as I also offer a free alternative.

Most experts who teach marketing like this require you to pay for tools that cost $150/mo or more.

That’s ridiculous, specifically if you are just starting out.

I’m obsessed with finding the best (sometimes very popular and sometimes lesser known) tools on the internet, and I’ve even built some of my own!

What I’m recommending in this course comes out to approx $45/mo (note that some tools do require annual billing).

And you can get the tools even cheaper with longer terms or lifetime licenses!

This course gives you the most affordable starting options for beginners, and if you already have a solid business running, I show you some more advanced tools that you’re welcome to dive into.

But you don’t need much to start with!

But just like a photography course without a camera, it will be important for you to get a few marketing tools to complete this course.

You will not find anyone online teaching these kinds of marketing campaigns with more affordable tools. I’m obsessed with making this as affordable for my audience as possible. So please know that I have done everything I possibly can to make sure you’re getting the best possible value compared to anything else out there.

How "Tech Savvy" Do I Need To Be?

I’ll show you everything click by click.

That said, it is important that you are familiar with computer basics. It’s important that you are comfortable with using a text editor (like Microsoft Word or Google Docs) and spreadsheet software (like Excel or Google Sheets). You should be familiar with email basics and file management basics (for instance, you know where to find new files when they download to your computer and you know how to drag and drop those files to other software).

That said, most people who own a computer can easily handle all of this. But I do want to be transparent that if you really feel intimidated by technology, then it might be better for you to go to some local classes at a library or an Apple Store before you work on a project like this course.

I would say that on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is knowing nothing at all about computers and 10 is being an advanced computer expert) you need to be at least at a 3 in computer skill level.

As long as you’re comfortable with the basics, then you should be able to handle this course just fine!

If I Join The 14 Day Challenge, What Happens If I Don't Finish In Time?

We offer the 14 Day Challenge to motivate you to complete the course promptly. People are significantly more likely to finish a course if they work in it right away instead of waiting for months to get started. However, we understand that life happens. If you can’t finish within the two-week window, you can apply for a free extension for a couple of extra days. If you don’t complete the course in time, no problem! Our system will charge $97 at the end of the challenge, and then you’ll have permanent access to the course at that point.

The $97 price is an amazing deal at over 75% off the retail price for the course!

However, we would love to give the course away for free to as many people as possible, where you don’t even need to pay the $97 price!

As long as you finish the course within 14 days and set up a draft of your first conversion quest (with your website, email automation, and sales system), then you won’t be charged anything.

The course is easy to finish within 14 days if you set aside the time (16-20 hours over the two week period) and follow the instructions.

The official rules can be found here.

Can I Keep The Course & Web Blocks After The 14 Day Challenge Is Over?

Yes! Once you complete the 14 Day Challenge, you will fill out a short form, and you’ll then be given permanent access to the course and Web Blocks for free!

If you don’t finish the 14 Day Challenge, you’ll be charged $97. Once the charge goes through, you’ll have permanent access to the course and Web Blocks as well.

Either way, you’ll get to keep the course permanently after the challenge ends.

Why Is Web Blocks Better Than Other Website Building Options?

Web Blocks is a unique website creation system built specifically for WordPress by Logan and his wife, Sarah. It offers the perfect balance between simplicity for beginners and scalability for growth. Plus, since it’s based on WordPress, you’ll be working with the most popular professional web-building platform available.

Web Blocks allows you to build professional sites in a much faster and simpler way than any other option out there. I’ll show you how to use it extensively in the course.

And, it’s included for free when you get “Rule The Internet”!

Do You Offer Personal Support or Coaching?

If you encounter bugs or specific problems with the course, we have a way for you to report them. However, we don’t offer direct support with marketing strategy or direct tech help with each tool (with thousands in a course like this, we can’t personally coach everyone). That said, we do have a “support page” that gives you easy links to reach out to the support teams for each tool if you need specific help setting something up. Every tool that we recommend has an amazing customer support team, and we highly recommend utilizing them any time you need help!

We also have a community that we actively participate in. If you need any specific marketing strategy help, we recommend that you post there – you’ll get tons of great ideas! I’ll show you exactly how to access this community in the course.

Do I Get The Course Right Away?

We currently have a special offer running until Oct 19.

The course will then begin on Oct 23.

Additional modules will be released over the next few weeks.

Note that you only need to complete module 1-4 in order to finish the 14 Day Challenge.